UPDATE 10th August 2020

UPDATE 10th August 2020
The staff and Directors at BS Initiative Limited have now got to grips with working during the
COVID-19 pandemic and dealing with the new norm of PPE, hand washing and support staff
working from home. The latter point means coffee mugs now do not magically refill
The new norm means checking your bag for your mobile phone, surveying equipment, file and
now face masks, shoe protectors, hand sanitizer etc. Hopefully this new norm won’t be around
for too long but in the meantime we are embracing it.
We have continued to operate during these difficult times and have learnt to adapt to our
changing world and adjust our new way of working as lock down rules change, seemingly from
day to day.
On a positive note William Eddy has graduated from Nottingham Trent University and is now
focusing on his APC and Tiffany Walton has successfully completed the first year of her
university course.
Our aim is to continue to provide a high level of service to our valued long standing clients and
to new.